Dental Insurance

When someone has an insurance plan, it means they have made an agreement with a provider. The provider is the company to which you pay a monthly premium. In exchange, the company agrees to cover part or all of the cost of treatments and procedures received from a dental office.

Payment Plans

Not everyone has dental insurance. Patients who have been unable to find a provider or plan that suits their needs and budget can instead choose to make a payment plan with the office. These plans are an agreement between the Dental Art on Harbord and you. In essence, you agree to pay a certain amount monthly for the treatment you need. In exchange, the treatment can be performed as soon as possible.

This is an excellent option for patients who need more in-depth care, such as root canals or orthodontic procedures that last a long time.

As a general rule, we request that patients understand their insurance and payment plans before receiving treatment. Communication between the patient and their insurance provider is essential to determine which treatments and procedures are covered. While direct billing is used, the patient is still responsible for understanding their coverage and making payments on time.


Because general oral healthcare is not included as part of the Canada Health Act, patients often need to cover the cost of their treatments by paying out of pocket or making a plan with an insurance provider. Here at Dental Art on Harbord, we know the last thing patients want to consider when seeking comprehensive oral health treatment is the financials. Besides potentially causing an even greater headache, the financial world of insurance can be challenging to understand. To simplify the entire process of financials, we strive to accept most insurance, offer direct billing, and allow the option for patients to make their payment plans.

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Eva Moonsy Palmar

Best dental experience I have had in Toronto since my first dentist when I was a child. Very grateful for this dental team and their dedication. Also amazing bedside manner and very easy to talk to. I feel very comfortable and also feeling great with my fresh teeth! Thank you Dr. Angela And the team at Dental Art. You are definitely in good hands here ♥️

John O'Brien

I’m usually hate going to the dentist but at Dental Art I really enjoyed my experience. The customer service was fantastic and definitely the best work I’ve gotten at the dentist. I would highly recommend to anyone.

M Espinoza

Excellent service and super care!From front desk to the doctor and the staff.

Dr. Angela is amazing. Very professional she took time to explain all concerns. Very caring doctor with great personality and knowledge. If you are afraid of dentist and the pain that comes with it, this doctor seems to magically make it disappear. Hygienist Meg is the best ever. Always excellent service and very thorough Thank you all for making me feel special. Great people great team.

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